Trukitrek (Barcelona) and Otto Panzer (Bari / Italia) present their new show:



Ab-Normal Life



World première - 7th - 10th of June 2012 @ Artisti in Piazza Festival, Pennabilli, Italia.






Genre: puppetry and object theatre, visual theatre, clown, street theatre

Audience: all audiences

Duration: 40 minutes. 

Language: Non verbal.

Actors: 1 (+ 1 technician)

Suitable for: indoor & outdoor

Maximum capacity: 400 people.



Abelardo is a normal young man with a normal life in a extraordinarily big body,in a world that turns out being too small for him. The unusual and unexpected encounter with a Baby transforms Abelardo's existence in a total experience full of vitality, fear, surprises, passion, games, joy, poetry and pain. 


Forty minutes seesawing between these emotions in a whirlwind of exhilarating events.





Synopsis & Actor: Giovanni Risola

Scenography: Raffaella Brusaglino. 

Direction: Lu Pulici

Production: Trukitrek Espectacles / Otto Panzer