Artistic discipline(s) :
object theatre and puppetry, multidisciplinary companies, dance
Country of origin - companies : Peru
Countries of origin - actorss : Bosnia - Peru
Show : Los Mundos de Fingerman






Ines Pasic, co-founder of the famous Peruvian puppetry company Hugo & Ines, and Gabriela Bermudez founded Gaia Teatro in Lima in 2003. The two women combine puppetry with dance and mime, giving life to Fingerman, a puppet made with the fingers of the hand.

The creative process of Gaia Teatro is based on the cyclic vision of the human consciousness. Its shows are inspired by universal mythological tales and represent the feminine aspect of the human intelligence.

Through humour and drama, Gaia Teatro seeks the truths to which the human being always returns, to nourish himself and to get stronger.


Ines Pasic / Sarajevo

Gabriela Bermudez / Lima


Presented show: 


Los Mundos de Fingerman (The Worlds of Fingerman)








Gaia Teatro surprises in this year's festival with an intimate theatre, without words. Ines Pasic and Gabriela Bermudez do wonders with their hands and their bodies, in a display of their boundless imagination- Festival de Otoño, Madrid, 13-10-2004. 




Ines and Gabriela's work is endowed with a big dose of scenic concentration,  plastic sensibility and accuracy in its execution. 19-05-2004.




Festivals (non exhaustive list):


Titirimundi, May 2004, SEGOVIA, SPAIN

Festival de Otoño, October 2004, MADRID, SPAIN

Festival Internacional de Cine de Lima, August 2005, LIMA, PERU

Dublin Festival, October 2005, DUBLIN, IRLAND

Festival Maniganses, September 2006, Jonquiere, Québec, Canada

Festival Mondial de Marionnette, September 2006, Charleville-Mézières, France

Festival de Bonecos de Canela, June 2006, CANELA, BRAZIL

Festival del Sur, April 2006, QUITO, EQUATEUR

Festival of Wonder, November 2007, SILKEBORG, DANEMARK

Intercambio de Linguagens, August 2007, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL

Festival des Arts du Geste, February 2008, FOS SUR MER, FRANCE

Momix 17 Festival Internat Jeune Public, February 2008, KINGERSHEIM, FRANCE

Mano a Mano Festival D’Objets, March 2008, CHATEAUROUX, FRANCE

Festival Intern. de Títeres de Guadalajara, June 2008, GUADALAJARA, MEXICO

Mime et Manipulation, MarCH 2008, CAEN LA MER, FRANCE

Coeur en Scène, October 2009, ROUANS, FRANCE

International Puppets Festival, August 2008, IDA, JAPAN

Festival TAMTAM, October 2010, ST PAUL, LA REUNION, FRANCE