Company : Hugo & Ines
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : all public
Capacity : 300
Number of actors : 1
Language(s) of the show : wordless
Stage area : indoor, outdoor
Duration : 50





Cuentos Pequeños - Short Stories




It is a picturesque parade of amusing characters which, in the brief moments of their existence on stage, seek to catch those poetic moments that are hidden in daily life. These characters, with their dreams and frustrations, with their successes and failures, tell us the eternal drama of the human tragicomedy...



Actors: Hugo Suarez

Direction: Hugo Suarez & Ines Pasic 






The duet Hugo & Ines opened the National Puppets Festival with an amazing show, Ginocchio, in which the undeniable vistuosity of a corporal domain near to the incredible is always the precise instrument, without excesses, in order to give life to lively characters that summon to the laugh, the emotion and even to the deep reflection. – Juan Garf, Clarín Teatro Crítica – Buenos Aires.




One might think that the hands’ range of expression was limited. But the deft fingers of Hugo & Ines curl and stretch to create an amazing cast of characters in “Ginocchio”. …One can imagine their lives as a steady series of what-ifs, out of which have tumbled several unforgettable creatures created with their own expressive bodies and a few very simple props. - Jennifer Dunning, The Arts – New York Times.


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