Artistic discipline(s) :
object theatre and puppetry, multidisciplinary companies, actors musicians
Country of origin - companies : Catalonia / Spain
Countries of origin - actorss : Catalonia
Show : L'Alè dels Fils, Poemes Visuals, La Sucrera Diabètica, El Barret Foradat





In 1977, Jordi Bertran met a group of puppeteers from Barceloneta, Grupo Taller de Marionetas directed by Pepe Otal. Through him he discovered the power of fascination and the symbolic function of puppetry, which became synonymous with freedom for Jordi Bertran. Freedom to live otherwise, freedom also to express oneself, after years of the Franco dictatorship.


Later he was part of two groups, The Col—lectiu d'Animació de Barcelona and La Companyia Ambulant els Farsants, which he co-founded. In 1987 he founded his own company, Companyia Jordi Bertran, and put on his first solo show, Antologia, which has become an essential classic of the puppetry's cultural heritage. This first solo show propelled the Catalan artist onto the world stage.



Recognized since as one of the greatest international marionette virtuosos, Jordi Bertran, who designs and builds all his puppets, also likes to explore other styles with his company, such as table top puppets in the famous Poemes Visuals (Visual Poems, 1994) or the objects in La Sucrera Diabètica (The Diabetic Sugar Bowl, 2011), his latest show.


Faithful to his first love, Jordi Bertran sometimes becomes, as in L'Alè dels Fils (Life in the Strings (2009), a bewitching guitarist who interacts with the puppets and the puppeteers, thus creating a tender trinity on stage.


At the end of each performance, Companyia Jordi Bertran displays its puppets to the public, thus creating space for dialogue and discovery, which allows it to communicate its passion no matter where it is.


Jordi BERTRAN / Barcelona

Inés ALARCÓN / Madrid

Eduardo TELLETXEA / Barcelona

Irma BORGES / Barcelona

Paulette SAN MARTIN / Santiago de Chile

Carles CODINA, Litus  / Hospitalet de Llobregat

Miquel GALLARDO / Barcelona

Oscar MUÑOZ / Barcelona

Dalí Muñoz Blanch / Mexico

Aurora Poveda / Barcelona



Presented shows:


El Barret Foradat (The Hole in the Hat)

L'Alè dels Fils (Life in the Strings)

La Sucrera Diabètica (The Diabetic Sugar Bowl) - new show 2011 - 2012

Poemes Visuals (Visual Poems)