Company : fundus - Marionetten - dresden
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : all public
Capacity : 300
Number of actors : 1
Language(s) of the show : wordless
Stage area : indoor, outdoor
Duration : 45








Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! 

Here comes Circus Gockelini

Straight from Germany 

From the forest and fields of Saxony.

Presented by the unique M. Stengelini, 

Miss Gockelini the ropewalker hen, 

Miss Eulalia the belly-dancer owl, 

And many more artists.


A breathtaking performance for young and old, no language skills required, 45 minutes of fun


By fundus - MARIONETTEN - dresden.



Puppeteer: Olaf Bernstengel

Scenography: Jana Pogorielová and Anton Duša

Production: fundus – Marionetten – dresden




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