Company : Pea Green Boat
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : families / young public
Capacity : 80
Number of actors : 1
Language(s) of the show : French, English, Spanish, Catalan
Stage area : indoor
Duration : 40






El Rey y el Mar - The King and the Sea





A bossy king who hardly speaks, a scatterbrained squirrel, a cat that purrs under the sun, a light-headed dog, the sea, the clouds and the tea time ghost. The king attempts to impose himself on natural elements and discovers that all can not be reduced to order and obedience.





Adaptation of the Janisch Heinz tale The King and the Sea, illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch.



Puppet construction and props: Edu Blanch

Puppeteer: Edu Blanch

Costumes: Emilia Lang

Special thanks to: Rene Baker 

Production: Pea Green Boat



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