Artistic discipline(s) :
object theatre and puppetry
Country of origin - companies : Catalonia / Spain
Countries of origin - actorss : Catalonia - United Kingdom
Show : The Shoe Tree, El Rey y el Mar





Pea Green Boat is an English-Catalan company of puppet theatre on table, which presents shows aimed at children ages 3 to 8 and their families. It is the educational approach that gave its director, the puppeteer Emila Lang, who grew up in an artistic universe, the courage to create her first show in 2007, Parrot is Lost. This show and the following ones are at first exclusively in English, with the purpose of initiating the youngsters to this language. These first shows will open Barcelona's municipal libraries network to the company.


In 2009 Edu Blanch (actor, puppeteer and technician) joined the company and created the show The King and the Sea. This show and The Shoe Tree (2010) reveal all the artistic talent and the creativity of Pea Green Boat, which now presents its shows in festivals and theatres in English, Catalan, Spanish and French.


Austere and poetic small format shows with a touch of humour, which capture the attention and admiration of the young and old.



Emilia Lang / Barcelona

Edu Blanch / Vic



Presented shows:


El Rey y el Mar - The King and The Sea

The Shoe Tree