Company : Trukitrek
Artistic discipline : multidisciplinary companies
Public : all public
Capacity : 400
Number of actors : 6
Language(s) of the show : wordless
Stage area : indoor, outdoor
Duration : 80


New show 2011 / 2012








On a tiny volcanic island, a village lost in time, it's inhabitants completely isolated from the mainland, and a volcano about to awake...





Isla Mosquito is a show of puppets and gestural theatre, a bittersweet comedy whose aesthetic draws from the world of illustration, and which employs a theatrical language reminiscent of silent film.



Actors: Kiko Lozano, Magda Mañé, Roberto di Lernia, Josep Piris, Lola Pérez & Lu Pulici.

Illustrations: Raffaella Brusaglino. 

Marionette: Viktor Kučera. 

Multimedia editing: Josep Piris. 

Costum designer and make-up: Raffaella Brusaglino. 

Script: Lu Pulici & Josep Piris.

Direction and original music: Lu Pulici. 

Production: Trukitrek Espectacles

Premiere: 2011



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