Company : Trukitrek
Artistic discipline : object theatre and puppetry
Public : adult, apt for children
Capacity : 200
Number of actors : 1
Language(s) of the show : wordless
Stage area : indoor, outdoor
Duration : 40






Where were you the day when man reached the moon? It was on July 21, 1969, and that day Amadeo was alone at home. He had nothing to do and spent the day between the TV, his dog and his daily grind, dreaming awake of finding the love of his life. Until he found it...





Blue Moon is a poetic show based on small actions and small absurdities. A clown and puppet show which tells the daily life of a man in love with the moon. Real world and miniature world coexist on the stage.



A story without any words suitable for adults, but also apt for children.


Actor: Roberto di Lernia.

Set design and puppetry: Lu Pulici & Josep Piris.

Director: Lu Pulici.

Idea and production: Trukitrek Espectacles.